Cornelius vanderbilt

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Cornelius Vanderbilt: Pioneer American Industrialist

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Vanderbilt family

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Cornelius Vanderbilt

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Provided Vanderbilt kept his own businesses soft, he became Gibbons's registration manager. Cornelius Vanderbilt, born May 27,was the fourth of nine children born to Cornelius and Phebe Vanderbilt. His father was a farmer and ferryman, and Vanderbilt worked in.

Cornelius Vanderbilt was born May 27,to a poor family on Staten Island. Vanderbilt quit school at age 11 to help his father with his boating business. At the age of 16, he convinced his mother to loan him $ to buy a small two-masted flat-bottomed sailing vessel to start his own business.

Watch video · Cornelius Vanderbilt was born on May 27,on Staten Island, New York, the son of Cornelius and Phebe Hand Vanderbilt.


His father instilled in him a. Cornelius Vanderbilt was not only a robber baron, he was the first robber baron, according to History.

A robber baron is an individual who acquires wealth in a dishonest way. Cornelius Vanderbilt had a reputation for being a villainous person, even as a child. He bought his first ferry boat, at age 16, and would often get into fights with other.

Vanderbilt was the fourth of nine children born in Port Richmond, on Staten Island in New York City to Cornelius Vanderbilt and Phebe Hand, a family of modest means. He. Cornelius Vanderbilt Scholarship Mission and History.

Cornelius Vanderbilt

The Cornelius Vanderbilt Scholarship began in with a gift from the Sartain Lanier Family Foundation of Atlanta designated to unite and strengthen Vanderbilt’s existing full-tuition academic merit scholarships under the aegis of a coordinated and cohesive scholarship.

Cornelius vanderbilt
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