Harmonic hearing co

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The sonic number line depicts differences in pitch exactly as they are perceived and interpreted by the human brain. The numbers represent frequency divisors, as related to the absolute fundamental (the second sub-harmonic ÷2 has a frequency 2 times lower than the fundamental 1; sub-harmonic ÷3 sounds 3 times deeper than 1, and so on).

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Wavelength. The wavelength (λ) is the distance traveled by a sound wave during one sound pressure cycle, as shown in Figure 2. The wavelength of sound is usually measured in meters or feet. In the words of the famous Beach Boys song there were "good vibrations" resonating throughout this summers Festival of Yoga in Durham.


The weekend of events organised by the British Wheel of Yogas Northern Region was a re-SOUNDING success. Complex Acoustic Impedance in general a phase relation exists between the pressure and the particle velocity and the complex impedance is defined as Z = R +iX.

where R is the resistive part, and X is the reactive part of the impedance The resistive part represents the various loss mechanisms an acoustic wave experiences such as random thermal motion.

Harmonic hearing co
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