Product mix of nestle

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Marketing Mix of Nestle Pure Life

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Product Line Example

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List of Nestlé brands

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Hot & Cold

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This is a selected list of the main brands owned by abrasiverock.coml, Nestlé owns over brands in over countries. Brands in this list are categorized by their targeted markets.

Nestle Hot Cocoa's No Sugar Added, Fat Free Hot Cocoa offers a rich chocolate cocoa that is a “better for you” option.

With rich chocolate flavor and only 20 calories per single-serve packet, this cocoa makes a % caffeine-free, 8 fl oz serving.

The product offers to the consumers an idea and a recipe to cook with two or three fresh ingredients and a Maggi mix.

A complete step-be-step recipe is given on the back of pack. Following the recipe guarantees the result. Meet the family. Whether you want extra protein, less sugars, more calories, fewer calories or simply great nutrition for everyday living, there’s a BOOST® Nutritional Product that fits your needs.

Product Mix

The world of Nestlé A global system of rigorous product testing includes a scientific nutritional assessment. Each product has a measurable nutritional value to prove its superiority in delivering nutritional benefits. Our packs are a highly efficient communication medium.

Product mix of nestle
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Nestlé® Hot Chocolate Complete Mix - Glycemic Index Foundation