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2018 First Look Project

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IT Staffing, Project Management, Information Technology Consulting

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The Project

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Just One Chance

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The Florida Project, set in a cheap motel near Disney, is one of 's best films Sean Baker’s film is about children and their parents living in poverty. It’s sweet, virtuosic, and devastating.

Japanese zombie film One Cut of the Dead, which screened at the Fantasia Film Festival last month (here’s our review), is making huge waves in Japan. Budgeted at $27, (JPY million), the.

Music, Film, TV and Political News Coverage 'The Florida Project' is "one of the best films ever made about childhood," says Peter Travers – and may net Willem Dafoe an Oscar.

Our review. The Return Project W ith the film as the centerpiece, THE RETURN PROJECT is designed to engage audiences beyond the viewing of the film alone, THE RETURN PROJECT is the vehicle through which supporters of THE RETURN can take action s to create impact.

Project One was an important part of the counterculture of the s and s and housed dozens of artisans, sculptors, filmmakers, and technologists. The community had no formal organizational structure.

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