Squiggly line writing activity 2nd

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Squiggle Stories - Creative Writing Activity (Grades K-6)

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Five Cooperative Learning Activities to do on the First Day of School

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10 Health Tips for Anyone with a MTHFR Gene Mutation…

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Year 2 — Level L

I think the next level would be where the most doesn't move at all and can only end around. Your students will love this quick and fun creative writing activity! It's such an easy way to get students excited about writing.

First they look at the squiggle line provided, then use their imagination to turn that squiggle into a picture.4/5(). Line Clipart | Clipart Panda - Free Clipart Images - free, high quality free clipart squiggly lines on abrasiverock.com FREEBIE Swap the Squiggle Writing A fun collaborative writing activity where students take a random squiggle line and create a picture.

After students swap and draw several times, the final picture then becomes the springboard for a creative writing story. You can grab this activity here. Squiggle spelling is another fun one.

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Using this pre-made template or on notebook paper, have them draw a long squiggly line with as many loops and curves as they want. To prep for this activity, grab a piece of paper (I suggest a light colored card stock) and a pencil.

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Squiggly line writing activity 2nd
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