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What Is the Irony in 'Teenage Wasteland'?

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Anne Tyler

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Anne Tyler

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The entire story is told in the third person as an omniscient author might tell it. "Teenage wasteland they're all wasted!" The Who's song "Teenage Wasteland" echoes the dismissive attitude of adults toward teens. In Anne Tyler's short story of the same name, a teen is wasted, not by his own choices, but by the parents, teachers and tutors of a system purportedly designed to save him.

Anne Tyler By: Lionna, Korteny, and Chris This short story was written in latethe "heyday" of the hippie counterculture. Anne stepped back in time to the early 's when a popular song written by Pete Townshend, known as "Teenage Wasteland" Lyrics of the song represented a youth culture.

Anne Tyler (born October 25, ) is an American novelist, short story writer, and literary abrasiverock.com has published 22 novels, the best known of which are Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant (), The Accidental Tourist (), and Breathing Lessons (). All three were finalists for the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction with Breathing Lessons winning the prize in "Teenage Wasteland" by Anne Tyler.

TEXT Anne Tyler (born ) is considered one of America's most important living writers. Her works evince familiarity with an extended literary tradition, with influences ranging from Emerson and Thoreau to.

Evaluate your comprehension of the short story entitled 'Teenage Wasteland' by Anne Tyler using an interactive, multiple-choice quiz and a.

Teenage wasteland anne tyler
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