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The discovery of King Tut's tomb in November created an obsession around the world. Daily updates of the find were demanded. Masses of mail and telegrams deluged Carter and his associates. Inthe discovery of Tutankhamun's 3,year-old burial chamber captivated the world.

It was the culmination of a year search which eventually uncovered 5, antiques - including the. Admissions & Packages. Below is a comprehensive list of our admission prices and pages and what is included with the price of admission.

Our mini site on the discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb will help you answer many questions including the ones below: When was Tutankhamun's tomb discovered? Carter examines Tutankhamun's sarcophagus. Image: Harry Burton (c) The Griffith Institute, Oxford.

Colorized by Dynamichrome for the exhibition “The Discovery of King Tut” in New York. The tomb of Tutankhamun (abrasiverock.com), uncovered in Novemberwas the greatest archaeological find the world has ever seen. Though entered by thieves in antiquity, the burial of the king lay intact within its nest of coffins and funerary shrines, surrounded by a mass of burial equipment arranged in three peripheral chambers.

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The discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb — in color