Write an article on importance of reading

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The Importance of Article Writing And How To Do It Effectively

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Neil Gaiman: Why our future depends on libraries, reading and daydreaming

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How to Properly Track Your Progress

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Photograph: Robin Mayes It’s important for people to tell. One of the most vital skills you can have as a manager is the ability to write. When managers write, they raise accountability, coherence, and commitment.

Jun 24,  · Reading is especially important for writers, which was Stephanie Vanderslice's point. But it's important for everybody else too. In fact, reading may be one of the most human of all activities. Knowing that the writer has a purpose (as well as specifically discerning it) is very important when reading an article or text.

It deepens the reader’s ability to make sense of the article or text, and by extension deepens the reader’s knowledge of human psychology in general.

Today the ability to read is highly valued and very important for social and economic advancement. In today’s world with so much more to know and to learn and also the need for a conscious effort to conquer the divisive forces, the importance of reading has increased.

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Write an article on importance of reading
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