Write api in perl script

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Write a perl script

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Let's assume you have just started to write a new module in Perl, and you would like to go with the flow and start by writing some automated test. In order to make it simple I use the good old math example. I'm looking for packages available in Ubuntu main/universe repositories able to create Excel + xlsx files from a script (python or perl) My requirements: % compatible Excel XLSX files.

I'm trying to implement a RESTful API in Perl. My current idea is to simply parse the path_info with a regex then dispatch the request to the appropriate subroutine which will then spit out the JSON, XML or even XHTML for the requested resource. I'm writing a download sub module, I would like it looks like this: abrasiverock.com Download/abrasiverock.com Download/abrasiverock.com Download/abrasiverock.com Download/abrasiverock.com My abrasiverock.com should provide an api sub.

I want to write a Perl script to find the variable if present in the TEST titles only, not in the FIRST, SECOND or THIRD titles. So there are N number of variables in a files before the TEST titles; But I want to match the variables after the TEST titles.

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Write api in perl script
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